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``For Zion's Sake, I will Not Be Silent``

In 1929, The Jewish Agency for Israel was formed and soon came under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion. The man who later became Israel’s first Prime Minister led as Chairman of The Jewish Agency and founded the state of Israel in the Promised Land. For more than 90 years, The Jewish Agency has built the land and people of Israel, given physical, financial, and emotional support to Jewish immigrants in communities throughout Israel and worked to uplift all of Israel’s vulnerable in light of the vision of the prophets. The modern State of Israel would not exist without the work of this organization.

Today, Christians around the world recognize the prophetic and biblical significance of Israel’s rebirth as a modern nation. Scriptures foretold that this miracle would restore the Jewish people from exile across the globe and God would bring them home. When Israel was reborn in 1948, it proved to the world that God’s Word is alive and true.


Now Christians have an incredible opportunity to be part of God’s unfolding prophetic plan, to bless the Jewish people and strengthen the State of Israel. We invite you to stand together with Zion and become a Christian Friend of The Jewish Agency for Israel.

The Jewish Agency is about identity. Inside the DNA of every Jewish person is a connection to the land of Israel, passed down from generation to generation since God first promised Abraham He would make his descendants into a great nation.

Since its founding in 1929, The Jewish Agency worked to establish Israel as a nation after more than 2,000 years of exile.

It succeeded against all odds, gave birth to the state and has since become part of the DNA of the State of Israel. Every immigrant to Israel was brought home by The Jewish Agency as it is legally mandated by the government of Israel to be the organization to lead Jewish immigration.

Funds raised by JAFINA help:

•   Bring tens of thousands of Jews home to Israel on Aliyah each year, in fulfillment of biblical prophesies

•   Uplift vulnerable Israelis, of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds – including over 12,000 children and families-at-risk

•   Shelter and care for nearly 8,000 Holocaust survivors and poor elderly while building homes for some 3,000 more

•   Provide emergency assistance and long term rehabilitation to Victims of Terror

•   And so much more


You can learn more about the programs and activities of The Jewish Agency for Israel at​


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Psalm 69:35-36

“For God will save Zion, and rebuild the cities of Judah.
Then people will settle there and possess it;
the children of his servants will inherit it,
and those who love his name will dwell there.”


God chose the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be His inheritance on the earth and possess the Land of Israel for all eternity as a sign to the nations of the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness. He decreed in the Scriptures that Israel would always be a light unto the nations.


We desire to provide every Jewish man, woman, and child with the opportunity to return home to Israel and receive their promised inheritance from God.


Many Christians deeply love and admire the State of Israel and the Jewish people, but have very little personal connection to them. By partnering with The Jewish Agency, we can put that love and support into action and bless Israel in tangible ways.


When you bless Israel, you give God glory and participate in His divine plan of blessing for Israel and the nations.


There are many different ways Christians can directly support Israel through The Jewish Agency.


Spiritually, we know it is important to pray for the peace and protection of Israel. Joining our prayer initiatives will keep you informed on how to pray for relevant issues.

Another way to support Israel is by volunteering or connecting with your local representative of The Jewish Agency in cities around the world. It is important to show solidarity and friendship with the Jewish people who are our neighbors.


The most beneficial thing you can do is give generously to the work of The Jewish Agency to directly support the people of Israel.

How we help


The Hebrew term for immigration to Israel is “Aliyah,” which means “to go up” towards Zion. It is the one Hebrew word every Christian should know!

Many Jewish families around the world are eager to return home to Israel in order to escape persecution and reconnect with their ancient heritage. Often, this major transition of entire families is only possible because of the financial assistance of The Jewish Agency and generous donors.

  • Assists with the applications and interviews, and determines eligibility
  • Provides a free, one-way flight
  • Helps them find housing and employment
  • Connects them to a new community
  • Helps them with Hebrew language proficiency


Unfortunately, terrorism is a frequent source of trauma for Israelis. You can help by supporting The Jewish Agency’s programs for therapeutic and financial assistance to terror victims.

Thanks to generous donors, The Jewish Agency is equipped to provide rapid support for victims as soon as 48 hours after an attack. Some of these programs offer:

  • An initial emergency aid grant of over $1000
  • Therapeutic counseling
  • Job retraining
  • Respite camps for children


More than 330,000 children in Israel live in social and socio-economic distress. Without intervention, most of them will grow up to a bleak future of failure.

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s positive-intervention program, Youth Futures. partners mentors with over 12,000 at-risk children and their families for a long-term period of healing and growth. Mentors focus on personal, familial, social, and educational areas in an effort to give these kids the tools to navigate challenges and celebrate achievements in a constructive way.

The future of Israel rests upon the shoulders of its next generation. Your BEST GIFT to The Jewish Agency for Israel will be used to create more of these positive intervention programs and provide emotional support for at-risk children, teens, and their families. Youth Futures has already changed tens of thousands of young lives in Israel, mentoring them one-on-one over extended periods of time and teaching them by example.

Your generous gift will make a difference for these at-risk children and for the nation of Israel.


The Jewish Agency plays a critical role in providing housing and financial assistance to Israel’s elderly population. Many of these men and women live in extreme poverty.

To honor the dignity of Holocaust survivors and other elderly Israelis without a family support system and meet the immense need, we run the only new building initiative for social housing in Israel. Thanks to our current 57 homes for the elderly, more than 7,000 Holocaust survivors and the poorest of Israel’s elderly are able to live in safety and comfort, and some 3,500 more will benefit from the new apartments being built, thanks to the generous donors who support Amigour, our community housing complexes.


God promised Abraham in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you.” This promise still applies today to those who bless Israel and the Jewish people.


By giving to The Jewish Agency for Israel – North American Council, you have an incredible opportunity to participate in God’s plan to restore the Jewish people to their biblical homeland and build an Israel after the vision of the prophets. Together, we can make a tangible difference for Zion’s sake. Join us and become a Christian Friend of The Jewish Agency.

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please send a check to:
JAFINA, 633 Third Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10017

For questions please e-mail us at

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