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Planned Giving

Founded in 1929 to create a Jewish State, The Jewish Agency for Israel was Israel’s government-in-waiting before 1948. It was led by David Ben Gurion, who moved from his office at The Jewish Agency to his office as Israel’s first Prime Minister upon the establishment of the State. He was succeeded at the helm of The Jewish Agency by a line of visionaries and heroes, including former Chair of the Executive Natan Sharansky, and the current Chair, Isaac Herzog.

As the official link to Jewish communities worldwide, The Jewish Agency was the primary beneficiary of and remains today as the main overseas recipient of Federation campaigns in the United States (and of Keren Hayesod abroad). The Agency built the State, establishing over 900 communities in Israel, its ports, utilities, El Al Airlines, museums, and housing for Holocaust survivors. Large successive waves of immigrants - over 3,000,000 - from Holocaust refugees to Russian refuseniks to Ethiopians arrived, and The Jewish Agency not only facilitated their Aliyah, but also helped them integrate into Israeli society. Today, responding to the growing immigration demand in France and Ukraine, the Jewish Agency is once more the primary organization responding to Jews in need though rescue Aliyah, and fast tracking the immigration process for those Jews who desire to come.

The Jewish Agency brings Israel to Jews around the world with the help of thousands of shlichim (emissaries) in Jewish community centers, federations and on over 120 college campuses across the United States. We operate Jewish camps in the former Soviet Union, build young leadership in Berlin, Budapest and beyond, and monitor and secure Jewish communities around the globe.

Today, The Jewish Agency for Israel works to ensure that every Jewish person is Part of the Jewish story and to secure a vibrant Jewish future with Israel at its center – by rescuing Jews in danger, providing Israel education and helping to strengthen Israeli society. We also bring tens of thousands of young people to Israel on immersive educational experiences ranging from ten days to a year through the very successful Masa program.

How Do I Get Started?

Call us at (212) 318-6105 or send us your contact information with this form and we will be happy to contact you.

Ways to give

Make an impact and secure your legacy- avoid capital gains- receive income for life

Charitable Gift Annuity: Give cash or appreciated assets in exchange for secure fixed annuity payments for one or two lives, with rates based on your age(s) to your nearest birthday(s) at time of gift. Please click here for more information.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: Give appreciated securities and avoid capital gains taxes at time of contribution. Obtain payments at a fixed rate for life and an income tax charitable deduction.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust: Transfer all types of appreciated property including illiquid assets such as real estate or artwork and avoid capital gains taxes at time of contribution. Obtain annually adjustable payments at a fixed rate for life.

Charitable Lead Trust: You fund a trust that makes gifts to The Jewish Agency for a term of years. Your heirs may receive the property in the trust in the future free of gift or estate taxes.

Bequest: Designate The Jewish Agency as a beneficiary in your will, trust or qualified retirement plan for a specific amount or for a percentage of your residuary estate. Make your bequest unrestricted or specify a particular program of the Jewish Agency. Click here for Sample Bequest language.

An Endowment Fund for The Jewish Agency: Give appreciated assets, stocks, securities or real estate to The Jewish Agency to create an endowment in your name. Obtain a charitable deduction for the value of the contribution and pay no tax on the long-term capital gain. Income generated from the endowment will fund your annual gift or a program you designate in perpetuity.

Life Insurance: Donate an existing policy or apply for a new policy naming Jewish Agency for Israel — North American Council as owner and beneficiary. Deduct the cash surrender value of an existing policy.  Deduct premium payments made on the policy.

How to make a planned gift: Let us help you decide the best option for you and your family


Cash: Best for charitable gift annuities or outright gifts


Stocks and Bonds: Avoid tax on long-term capital gains


Real Estate: Deduct appraised value and avoid tax on long-term capital gains


Retirement Assents:  Make a gift from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax deferred plan and avoid double taxation at the end of lifetime

Life Insurance:  Designate Jewish Agency for Israel — North American Council as a beneficiary and owner of your life insurance policy.

Great reasons to make a planned gift

The importance of your Planned Gift to The Jewish Agency for Israel cannot be overestimated.  Our team of planned giving experts would welcome the opportunity to talk to you or your financial advisor, without obligation. Let’s discuss your unique individual philanthropic goals and how you can establish an enduring legacy. To learn more about our Planned Giving program please call us at 212-318-6105, or click here fill out a form, and we will be glad to get back to you.

Your thoughtful planning and charitable gift will help ensure the future vibrancy and strength of Israel’s largest non- profit organization, The Jewish Agency for Israel. Join us as a partner in delivering the services and programs we offer to improve the lives of Jews worldwide and connect the Jewish people to Israel in perpetuity. Your legacy will live on as generations continue the work and mission of taking care of Jews around the world. We are avaible to explore a variety of gift vehicles, with many substantial tax advantages and other economic benefits during your lifetime.

The Jewish Agency is always ready to meet new challenges and address critical issues as they arise for the Jewish People.

Planned Gifts may be established in the United States through Jewish Agency of Israel - North American Council (JAFINA). JAFINA is a tax-exempt public charity in the United States under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by U.S. law. Tax ID 23-0053483.

Charitable Gift Annuity Overview

The Jewish Agency Gift Annuity offers you a secure and generous income for life, and provides support for our vital work for future generations

  • Safe lifetime income at high fixed rates based upon age to your nearest birthday

  • Annuity may run for one or two lives

  • An income tax charitable deduction which may reduce taxes

  • A substantial amount of annual tax-free income when funded with cash

  • Valuable support for The Jewish Agency’s services worldwide

  • Low minimum contribution to establish a Jewish Agency Gift Annuity - $10,000.00

Gift Annuity One-Life Rates


Age   Rate

65      6.0
66      6.1
67      6.2
68      6.3
69      6.4
70      6.5
71      6.6
72      6.7
73      6.8
74      6.9
75      7.1
76      7.2
77      7.4
78      7.6
79      7.8
80      8.0
81      8.3
82      8.5
83      8.8
84      9.2
85      9.5
86      9.9
87      10.2
88      10.6
89      11.0
90 and over: 11.3


  1. The rates are for ages at the nearest birthday.

  2. To avoid adverse tax consequences, JAFINA will reduce the gift annuity rate to whatever level is necessary to generate a charitable deduction in excess of 10% of the value of the contribution as required under IRS rules.

Sample Bequest language

The provisions in your will for making a gift to Jewish Agency for Israel - North American Council will depend upon the type of gift and your unique circumstances. We hope these sample provisions will be helpful to your attorney. Although it is possible to designate a specific purpose for your gift by Will, the needs of The Jewish Agency do change from time to time. Thus, if a specific purpose is stated it is preferable to authorize the Executive Committee of The Jewish Agency to use the gift for other purposes if the Board determines that the designated use is no longer appropriate.

Unrestricted General Legacy

I bequeath to Jewish Agency for Israel - North American Council, 633 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017, the sum of ($) (Dollars) for the general charitable purposes of The Jewish Agency.

Gift for Specific Purpose

I bequeath to Jewish Agency for Israel - North American Council, 633 Third Avenue , New York, New York 10017, the sum of ($) (Dollars) to establish an endowment fund, the income from which to be used for [specify program or purpose].  If in the opinion of the Executive Committee of The Jewish Agency the purposes of the fund are impracticable to carry out, the fund may be used for the general charitable purposes of The Jewish Agency.

Specific Legacy

I bequeath my [specify property] to Jewish Agency for Israel - North American Council, 633 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017 for the general charitable purposes of The Jewish Agency.

Gift of Residuary Estate

I devise and bequeath [ all of the ] [ ___% of ] the residue of the property owned by me at my death, real and personal and wherever situated, to Jewish Agency for Israel - North American Council, 633 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017, for the general charitable purposes of The Jewish Agency.

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