I was nine the last time I saw him. Now, instead of seeing my mother cry every day because she misses him, I will see her smile.

This Passover, offering hope by enabling their journey home

Jews of all denominations and nationalities are celebrating our people’s Exodus from Egypt. Today, many people are still choosing to make the journey to live in the Holy Land. 

Just weeks ago, 82 Ethiopians landed at Ben Gurion Airport to start their new lives as Israelis, following a decision by the Government of Israel to allow 1,000 Ethiopians to “make Aliyah” (immigrate to Israel) in 2019. When the flight landed, airport staff brought them to the arrivals area, where they were greeted by a crowd of singing and dancing IDF soldiers waving Israeli flags, and hundreds of family members of the new immigrants. 

Each of them received pre-Aliyah counseling and a free ticket to Tel Aviv. Now that they have arrived, they receive temporary housing, lessons in Hebrew and Jewish culture, and guidance regarding employment and education.


In 2018, more than 30,000 people from six continents made Aliyah through Jewish Agency assistance. 


Nicholas, 27, who made Aliyah from Uruguay, notes “in Israeli supermarkets, the cashier asks if you want to buy a Passover Haggadah for 10 shekels. I pinch myself every time and ask ‘how does this miracle happen?’ This is the place where the future of the Jewish people is.” 

Nicholas fell in love with Israel when he graduated from high school and went to Jerusalem to train as a youth movement counselor. After returning to Montevideo to work in the family business, he still felt Israel was his home. Nicholas recently finished a five-month Jewish Agency Hebrew course and plans to enlist in the IDF in a few weeks.

Support from people like you helps people like Nicholas

The Jewish Agency is there for every immigrant. We help them verify their eligibility for Aliyah. We provide programs that ease the integration process for new Israelis, housing for families and the elderly and hundreds of thousands of hours of Hebrew instruction. For individuals like Nicholas (lone soldiers) who have left family thousands of miles behind to voluntarily serve in the IDF, our Wings program offers them comprehensive support.


Aliyah is just one part of our story. Our Passover Exodus from Egypt transformed us from twelve tribes escaping persecution into a nation with its own history, language and identity. 

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