Supporting Victims of Terror

Twins Dvir and Neve’s house was filled with shrapnel when a missile landed near their home on the border of Gaza.

This summer Neve and Dvir joined 300 other children suffering with similar emotional trauma to visit museums, tour the country, and gain tools for coping with constant tension and terror.

The twins’ mother, Tzvia, says, “I am at a loss for words to properly thank The Jewish Agency and the Fund for the Victims of Terror for the tremendous investment they made in our family and their deep thoughtfulness, and the warm treatment that the children are receiving at the camp for victims of terror.”

Within 48 hours of an attack, a representative visits victims and provides emergency aid of over $1,000. Additionally, The Jewish Agency provides services and grants of up to $6,300 per family for recuperation efforts such as psychological care, job retraining, and more. The Fund for the Victims of Terror works with Israeli government agencies to avoid duplication of services. The goal is for victims to return as closely as possible to normal life. The Jewish Agency also provides long-term rehabilitative assistance and respite camping programs to hundreds of traumatized children each year, in addition to the emergency grants.

“Our children and the other campers would never have come to the sites that the camp brings them to,” Tzvia says. “Who would have thought, for example, of visiting the Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv during difficult times at the Gaza border? These families are scared of leaving their homes because of the missiles.”


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