This year the Jewish story was strengthened. 

As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on the triumphs and difficulties of this past year. At The Jewish Agency for Israel, we celebrate the wonderful ways we have connected the Jewish people to our collective story. We also look back at times of heartbreak, which required us to unite as a people.

For nearly ninety years, The Jewish Agency has been creating bonds between Jews worldwide by connecting them to each other and with Israel. The mass shooting at Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha Synagogue in Pittsburgh and thousands of arson kites from Gaza remind us how much we still depend on one another in order to ensure a vibrant Jewish future for all of us. This year has been one of strengthening our connections – to one another, to our land and to our shared heritage.

Over the past year...


We connected 630,000 young Jews from the diaspora to Israel and their Jewish identity through programs and experiences such as Partnership2Gether, Taglit-Birthright and Masa Israel Journey.


We also spearheaded a new program called AmiUnity to expose young Israelis to the diversity of world Jewry to bring our communities closer together.

We helped over 29,000 people make Aliyah – both those who found Israel as a safe haven after fleeing anti- Semitism and persecution, and those who chose to put down roots in their homeland.


We supported 248,000 vulnerable Israelis – from providing aid to those affected by acts of terror to subsidizing Amigour housing for Holocaust survivors to rehabilitative services for at-risk teens in our youth villages. Millions of people are touched every year.

We have highlighted just three of them and their stories here. The essence of The Jewish Agency is reflected in the individuals and organizations that so passionately embrace our shared Jewish heritage, aspirations and destiny.

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