Supporting new doctors in Israel


Moving your life and career to a new country, all while learning a new language, is challenging enough. Add the rigorous field of medicine as well as medical terminology to the mix, and the task is that much more daunting. But Anatoli Budylev, 29, a Russian immigrant to Israel, speaks about his work with shining eyes and in excellent Hebrew.

Anatoli arrived in Israel from Russia knowing “only knew a few words of Hebrew, almost nothing,” yet thanks to Jewish Agency programs for new immigrants, he is now taking his first steps as a doctor in Israel. Both Anatoli and his wife, Sofia, went through the training program for immigrant doctors at the absorption center in Ashdod.

Located throughout Israel, absorption centers are temporary living quarters that provide a soft landing and supportive framework tailored to the needs of olim. 

 “The internship offers them an understanding of what exactly you want to do further on down the road,” says Anatoli. “You get an updated orientation. You see how the health system works, get into it, and it is easier to focus on your own direction.”

“When I arrived I could only say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in Hebrew.”

Anatoli’s doctor’s training course included ulpan A and ulpan B for learning medical terminology in Hebrew.
Anatoli proceeded to an internship at the Beilinson-Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, which lasted one year.

Anatoli served as a doctor in the IDF for 18 months, and this year, he joined the internal medicine department at Carmel Hospital in Haifa.

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